Say Goodbye To Poorly Fitting Jeans

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Comfy, stylish jeans that compliment your shape are hard to find to say the least, we have a look at some of the popular brands, upcoming lines and laid-back fashion styles available this year.

We’ve all been there. Panting, perspiring and panicking in the changing room as you wrestle your way into a pair of on-trend denim jeggings which you really thought were the right size but just won’t…zip…up. Phew! The button is fastened and you’ve conquered your own personal Everest but wait – what’s that bit bulging over the top? And why does the hem on the legs not sit quite right? Newsflash: these jeans weren’t made for you.

Fear not though, and make way for Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (NYDJ). Made by women for women, the founders at this groundbreaking company were just like the rest of us. Fed up of searching high and low for that perfect pair of jeans, the ones you find yourself seeing on others and wondering just how on earth they manage to get them to fit just so. Not willing to sit back and admit defeat, this canny lot decided if those jeans weren’t out there on the racks already, they’d simply make them!

The ladies at NYDJ are no longer teenagers or even twenty-somethings anymore, and neither are you. You’re older, bolder and can flaunt your style and body-beautiful with a lifetime of confidence to back you up. Your style has evolved and it’s time to try a brand which embraces and celebrates that. You don’t want to be shoe-horned into a cut made for someone younger – it’s all about timeless classics, flattering cuts and nifty fabrics which hold in and lift up in the right places.

To kick-start the year on a colourful note grab a pair of NYDJ Jeggings in Cabaret, a vibrant red shade perfect for breathing life into the last of the dull winter days. Bursts of daring colour aren’t just for the young, they’re also the reserve of the young at heart. This pair are high rise and skinny fit to create a slim line silhouette and work perfectly with a mid-length tunic to finish off a laid-back winter look.

If you’re looking for a wardrobe staple then the classic Black Bootcut Jeans will fit the bill. All the NYDJ come with Lift Tuck Technology® with this pair sporting an interior crisscross panel and stretch fabric to keep those pesky stomach bulges at bay, as well as lifting your bum and gently smoothing out your curves. We all know that black is the go-to colour for creating a slim line silhouette and these bootcuts give you an extra helping hand with craftily placed back pockets to give your derriere – and confidence – a boost! Teamed with a pair of heeled ankle boots you’ll be sporting lusciously long-looking legs in no time too.

If you want to put a little spring in your step ahead of next season try the Ankle Print Grey cropped trousers. Adorned with delicate floral design, they work well for weekends away or longer stays in sunny climes. Slip on a pair of statement sandals and pair with a simple top like this Poppy Star tunicfrom Seasalt and you’ve nailed laid-back luxe. Add bold jewellery like this Kazuri beaded necklace if you’re headed out for dinner or drinks.

For an anytime look that can take you from the weekend shop to lunch with the girls, NYDJ aren’t short of ideas. With five pocket styling and comfortable stretch fabric, this pair of Straight Jeans in Ice Wash feature the patented Lift Tuck Technology® once again which helps mold them to your body perfectly, and may leave younger family members wondering where Mum gets her fab-fitting jeans from!

If you prefer your denim skinny fit but still casual, try these Jeggings in Alpine. Muted tones mean they can be partnered with bold brights on top to make your look sing, or simply a pair of sneakers and a sweater like this Seasalt striped number for real off-duty comfort. If you prefer your patterns on your lower half, then stick with the jegging cut this time in Eclipse Blue/Black which feature a subtle hound’s-tooth print and come in soft corduroy for an extra soft feel.

NYDJ are champions of the philosophy that style and comfort can work together perfectly. Whether you prefer a smart cut and heels on your days off, or a slouched down laid-back look with stretch denims to match, the ladies behind this brand have you covered. With every pair designed to lift, tuck and smooth in just the right places, you’ll never again look on in envy at younger ladies who seem to wear their jeans effortlessly because in a pair of NYDJ, your confidence and style can be worn to perfection.


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